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Improvisation in Teacher Education (IMTE) (2013- 2017)

Project leader: Professor Knut Steinar Engelsen Principal investigator: Professor Magne Espeland The IMTE project is funded by the Research Council of Norway (2013- 2017) as part of a programme called Strategic Projects at University Colleges. It is a co-operation between two research programmes at SHUC, C-Ped and Practicum Research. The focus of the project is […]

Performative Learning Events – Design and Reflection

Project coordinator: Associate Professor Kari Holdhus Part of the project is to reflect on how I as a music teacher in teacher education can trigger musical, didactic and organizational improvisation in process and products within a given framework. The project includes three different subordinate projects for music students to participate in 2014/2015. I am coordinating all three […]

Connecting Diversities in Music Education: Developing a Joint Master in Music Teacher Education

With this project we are developing a “Joint Master in Music Education” together with several partners in Europe. At present, in the spring of 2016, the partners, who represent very different traditions of music education studies in Europe, are as follows: Stord/Haugesund University College, the University of Rzescow, Poland, and the University of Umeo, Sweden. […]

School and concert – from reception to dialogue (DiSko)

Project leader: Associate Professor Kari Holdhus Principal investigator: Professor Magne Espeland DiSko as a project of innovation will make a scientific and empirical foundation to develop school concerts produced by Rikskonsertene (RK) Den Kulturelle Skolesekken (DKS) as a product and service for/with the Norwegian Primary School. The project will innovate a long term practice in Norway […]

IN Creation: Inclusive Creative Practices in Educational Contexts

Project leader: Professor Knut Steinar Engelsen Principal researcher: Professor Magne Espeland The main aim of this study is to study, initiate, develop, and describe inclusive creative practices in a variety of educational contexts from kindergarten, culture institutions and organisations, primary, secondary and upper secondary schools as well as practices in professional education in higher education. […]

Star-like experience or gym aesthetics? A study of quality perceptions in school concert practices

Prosjektleiar: Associate Professor Kari Holdhus The project is a finalised PhD-project and describes how artistic and didactic quality can be constructed in school concert practices, and how such opinions of quality can influence on the status of school concerts in schools. The study was inspired by sociocultural theorists, in particular Bourdieu. His in-depth study of “The Rules […]

The school curriculum survey 2011: Practical and aesthetic subjects in Norwegian primary school

Project coordinator: Professor Magne Espeland The school subject survey 2011 was an extension of the school subject survey 2009 as part of the research project “Education, Curriculum Subjects and Technology”. This project was funded by the Research Council of Norway and had a national survey investigation as its main element. The interdisciplinary cooperation that started […]

Write a Science Opera (WASO)- EEA

Project leader: Oded Ben- Horin Write a Science Opera (WASO) is a creative arts and science concept in education where pupils on different levels create a scientific performance together with teachers, opera artists and researchers. The WASO concept is an extension of the close cooperation that Stord/Haugesund University College has had with the Royal Opera […]

Improvising the Bridge

Improvising the Bridge: A Study of Improvisational Teaching Skills and Educational Design in an Arts-Infused Inquiry-Based Science Teaching Context, Ph.D project Associate Professor: Oded Ben-Horin, Ph.D Candidate The immediate background for this PHD project is the research project “Improvisation in Teacher Education”, IMTE at Stord/Haugesund University College. The project will explore iterations of a cross-disciplinary […]

Digital technology, playing with words and aesthetic learning processes in kindergartens (DigEst)

Project coordinator: Assistant Professor Ingrid Grønsdal Director of research: Professor Magne Espeland The project of innovation called “Digital technology, playing with words and aesthetic learning processes in kindergartens (DigEst) will try to solve two challenges in today’s kindergarten: antisocial effects of children’s use of screen technology and the weak position of arts, culture and creativity. The […]