Improvisation in Teacher Education (IMTE) (2013- 2017)

Project leader: Professor Knut Steinar Engelsen

Principal investigator: Professor Magne Espeland

The IMTE project is funded by the Research Council of Norway (2013- 2017) as part of a programme called Strategic Projects at University Colleges. It is a co-operation between two research programmes at SHUC, C-Ped and Practicum Research.

The focus of the project is ‘improvisation’ as a unifying concept that we consider decisive in the development of and study of teacher education as dynamic processes and as such also for the development of teacher roles, didactics and teacher identity. The project includes many subordinate projects involving 15 researchers and 4 PhD scholars and has so far materialized in 8 articles, several master thesis and 37 national and international conference presentations.

See home page of the project: IMTE