Performative Learning Events – Design and Reflection

Project coordinator: Associate Professor Kari Holdhus

Part of the project is to reflect on how I as a music teacher in teacher education can trigger musical, didactic and organizational improvisation in process and products within a given framework. The project includes three different subordinate projects for music students to participate in 2014/2015. I am coordinating all three projects as the teacher/organizer in charge. The focus of the project is the relationship between structure and improvisation as the teacher is preparing his/her lessons. As a starting point we believe that the relationship between structure and improvisation in teaching works in parallel ways organizationally, didactically and musically, and that improvisation takes place in the interaction among participants including me as a teacher.

The method is influenced by action research and narrative research with a repetitive element where I try to reinforce what I, and my participants, consider to be successful elements for each project. Empirical data are collected by means of research logs, written student assessments, film/sound tracks from various products, and sound tracks from focus groups giving feedback after each project. Didactically the project will be based on relational pedagogics (Biesta 2004, 2013, Gergen 2011). Methodically the project is a single case study with elements from design research. Preliminary results were presented at the Narrative Soundings Conference in Illinois, USA, May 2016, and one article has submitted.