School and concert – from reception to dialogue (DiSko)

Project leader: Associate Professor Kari Holdhus

Principal investigator: Professor Magne Espeland

DiSko as a project of innovation will make a scientific and empirical foundation to develop school concerts produced by Rikskonsertene (RK) Den Kulturelle Skolesekken (DKS) as a product and service for/with the Norwegian Primary School.

The project will innovate a long term practice in Norway that is met with challenges in today’s school (Borgen & Brandt 2006, Breivik og Christophersen 2013, Holdhus 2014) in the form of lacking participation from pupils, school ownership and integration in daily routines. Our idea is to develop school concerts into new forms based on pupils’ and teachers’ daily lives and that are characterized by and developed on this basis. The scientifically based innovation work will be carried out over three years with a selection of schools and groups of musicians and producers from RK/DKS. The idea is to develop and try out alternative concert forms that are more strongly felt to be a shared experience by pupils, teachers and musicians. Based on findings and results from the project a regional and national innovation work will be launched. A research application has been sent  to FINNUT, April 2016, with a budget of NOK 7 millions. The project will be carried out on the authority of Rikskonsertene.