The school curriculum survey 2011: Practical and aesthetic subjects in Norwegian primary school

Project coordinator: Professor Magne Espeland

The school subject survey 2011 was an extension of the school subject survey 2009 as part of the research project “Education, Curriculum Subjects and Technology”. This project was funded by the Research Council of Norway and had a national survey investigation as its main element. The interdisciplinary cooperation that started with preparing and implementing this investigation was continued with the investigation of 2011. This time we focused on the situation for practical and aesthetic curriculum subjects during Norwegian primary schooling, more precisely school subjects such as physical education (PE), arts and crafts, home economics as experienced by practicing teachers. The research team and authors of the report are teacher educators in the following subjects: PE, arts and crafts, home economics, and music. In the first part of the report we focus on what is common for these subjects, whereas the second part consists of reports on the various curriculum subjects. Issues on method is explained and discussed in chapter 1 in the report.