IN Creation: Inclusive Creative Practices in Educational Contexts

Project leader: Professor Knut Steinar Engelsen

Principal researcher: Professor Magne Espeland

The main aim of this study is to study, initiate, develop, and describe inclusive creative practices in a variety of educational contexts from kindergarten, culture institutions and organisations, primary, secondary and upper secondary schools as well as practices in professional education in higher education. In focusing on the current shortcomings of education with regard to the inclusion of creative practices as a response to the demands of the knowledge society, e.g. education as a producer and incubator of innovation and creativity in the young generation, the consortium will study and initiate a number of creative practices connected to professional education in arts and therapy education in close co-operation with partners in Western Norway and internationally. A special focus will be on the concept of inclusion, based on our knowledge of the increasing problem of early school leaving and the educational challenges created by migration throughout Europe. The consortium behind the project is chaired by Stord/Haugesund University College and includes University of Bergen, University of Exiter, UK,  University of Illinois, US,  and Queens University, UK.  A research application will be sent to NFR autumn 2016.